Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Definatly Blog Worthy

So today I woke up, pretty much just like I always have. Today was different, today two events took place that I thought were impossible or nearly impossible. Nope, didn't win the lottery, or any lump sum of money. However the day started when I got a call from the doctors office to schedule my MRI, given their recent history, I did not think this event was ever going to happen. Then the second surprise happened I got a friend request on facebook (of course I have friends on facebook, and yes I have received requests before, but this was different). This was from my long lost childhood best friend Jeff.
It has been 13 1/2 years since we had seen each other, and even longer since we had really hung out together. When I tell people that I was a fish growing up in Phoenix, it was mostly Jeffs house that I was swimming at. We had shot bb guns together, killed countless army guys, melted priceless star wars toys (they weren't that priceless at the time), we had played archon (a commador 64 game), we played chess with a giant chess set, and endless rubber band wars (with the really thick heavy duty ones).
So here is to the medical community finally doing their jobs, and long lost friends!

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