Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The butt of the joke.... and a lost recommendation....

The good news for everyone especially myself is that I wont have to blog about physical therapy (at least for now). The doctor heard my plea and discontinued physical therapy, (until the mri says otherwise or after surgery) instead he decided to help me out with the pain. He painfully ordered me to stay home from work for a couple of days, and then he had the nurses give me a shot in the bum. This of course was both awkward and embarrassing. The medicine that was administered was a hefty anti inflammatory used on people after surgery. (This was only temporary, however it was very nice during the time it was working). To make things fun, I was waking up several times during the night due to pain, so the doc has put me on loritab at bedtime. Thus far it has let me sleep and created some very interesting dreams, actually when I say interesting I mean warped, well actually when I say warped I really mean crazy with a mix of twilight zone meets star trek, star wars, and a various host of other movies. Here is my best written story rendition of a part of the 'dream'.

Sweat dripped from my forehead and I was almost out of breath, but I knew that I had to get somewhere with great urgency. I continued to run down the corridor. It was a classic star trek corridor, the lights were flashing red and there was no one in sight. I glanced over my shoulder to see a group of four Klingons running after me. I barged into a transporter room, to see the kilingons continue running past. That's when I realized they weren't running after me, they were running away from, ah yes a classic piece of film history, they were running from a small white bunny rabbit. (very Holy Grail). The rabbit turned in my direction and I jumped for the transporter pad. I was instantly beamed to a much smaller ship, the lights were flashing on and off, and the floor was shaking. Then Han Solo (as played by Harrison Ford), came running past, and stopped to ask C-3PO "Who is that?" "I'm not quite sure," C-3PO replied. "Well get him off my ship!" Solo shouted as he continued on. Then without warning I was jettisoned into space. Where I didn't have to breath because this was a dream thankfully. While floating in space, I was able to watch the start of the ultimate space battle. There was Star Wars (all movies represented), Star Trek (all movies represented), Babylon 5, robotech, battlestar gallactica (old and new), classic Buck Rogers, and more that I cant seem to recall what movies they were from. Disappointingly I woke up just as the fighting began.

Anyhow, before I went to bed, Lisa had found a new show on netflix, called 'The lost room' it was a Si-Fi original mini series. Actually I would recommend it for a one time watcher, it has some great ideas that make you think. Anyhow I got to go wrap my knee in ice again, and take more pain meds.

(Disclaimer: I do not endorse the use of pain medications for the reproduction of science fiction dream, and do not claim that all people with pain medications will have such a dream. Overuse of pain medications can lead to side effects.... too many to list... please use under doctors orders only)

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