Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stores, edits and greatful for friends....

I had given a copy of what I have written so far on my newest fantasy story to one of my best friends. Yesterday she offered me a printed and hand edited copy of it. All I can say is that I look forward to the opportunities to see what others think critically of my work. I often encourage people whom I offer rough drafts of my work to be hard on the work. This gives me a real prospective as opposed to a slight look. Within just minutes of begin handed the edited copy, I read it two and then three times. I would often nod my head and occasionally throw up an eyebrow. All are signs that I felt that the edit was a good one, once again one of my favorite best friend editors came through. This was gold. If you are working on a story or a project, I encourage you to share it with your friends and family, and not wait until you think it is 'perfect'. Those moments can be disappointing, as opposed to working with people and refining it to perfection.
In return one of my best friends offered to let me look at their story. I poured over it and read it in quick fashion. Though I have only read it once, and haven't made any corrections. It was brilliant. I am all to excited to see this work make it to book form.
In general I need to throw out an all encompassing 'Thank You' to my friends. This is because having time to think alot in my current injured state, I have been able to reflect on all the best times of my life, and they are all shared with friends. I especially need to thank those friends who are willing to put up with me dispite my great flaws. Most of all I need to thank my best-st friend of all, my wife.

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  1. That wife of yours is pretty much awesome!
    Good luck with the next round of your story.