Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The birth of a blog

There I was laying on a table in a doctors office. Since I do not particularly care to hang out in hospitals or doctors office, it was already awkward to begin with. Things quickly became complicated for me as I was wearing a pair of shorts provided by the doctor, they were a dark black with a Utah Jazz logo printed on the lower right hand leg.
Lets back up a little here, I had injured my knee at work a week earlier, and I had already received two different prognosis. The emergency room said torn cartilage, and the primary doctor said torn meniscus. So I was following up now at the physical therapists. The irony of the situation was that each doctors visit got more painful.
So there I was laying on the table when physical therapist asks while poking at my knee, "Are you from around here?"
I simply answer, "I'm from Phoenix originally."
"What brings you up here?" He asks pushing harder in different spots on my knee.
"My wi.... (insert groans of agony and painful cringe)..fe couldn't stand the heat," I somehow manage to say.
"And you moved here?" He asks still probing my leg, despite finding pain.
"She is fr.... (insert louder groans of agony and serious painful cringe)... om up north," I say, while thinking, 'do I know you? have I somehow offended you in some way? are you a part of the mob?'
"Well how did you two meet if you were so far apart?" He calmly asks, still probing and pushing on my knee.
"We met in Ne.... (now at this moment it took every part of my not to simply scream out, however I was defiantly writhing in agony... As I think back, it may be as close to what Luke Skywalker was feeling when the emperor was attacking him with lightning)," I did not finish my sentence.
"That hurts huh?" The doctor asks.
All I could muster was a, "Ya."
What I didn't know is that this was only the beginning of the interesting events, and this blog....


  1. Yikes! That sounds really painful. I had a knee incident last summer when I was dancing. (I must really be getting old if I can't dance without getting hurt) I was lucky that my knee cap only slipped out of place and I didn't tear still took me almost 2 months before my knee felt normal. I hope your recovery is quick!

    I like the blog....with 4 kids you must have a lot of adventures! Keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think I am getting old in alot of ways... but the kids are always an adventure....