Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sliver of the pie as promised...

As stated in my last post I promised to show a glimpse of my newest book. Of course this is an uber rough draft of the piece, but it would give a sense of the style. On a side note my computer is running fast since I opened it up and cleaned it out. It has only been a couple of months since I last cleaned it, and oh man the amount of dust that can gather in such a short time is amazing. Well with out further adieu...

Gorth hefted the his usual leather pouch over his sixty two year old shoulder. This time it was filled with other various supplies. He opened the doors to the lower library, and slowly walked to the center of the room. The lower library was the location of the notorious underclassmen who really put forth serious effort to move up in the order. The irony of the library was that it was so poorly lit, and everyone was studying so hard, it was difficult to find the underclassmen. As was tradition he laid out a paper on the large center table, and with a quick stroke of his hand wrote ‘six to undertake extremely dangerous duty assigned by the head monk himself, all those who volunteer be presentable at the front door in five minutes. He exited the lower library just as slow as he walked in, his next destination only two floors down. He reached the ornate stairs he paused a moment to revel in its glory, as he always had. The stairs themselves were a splendid white marble, and the railing was a dark stained oak, with gold and silver designs. The most impressive part of the stairs is the walls. The walls were a gigantic single painting, depicting major events in the world’s history. The best part was that everything actually moved, with figures of good and evil charging into battle, treaties being signed, and great heroes and antiheroes. It was not recommend to stare at the walls if you were faint of heart, as it showed every gruesome, and gory detail, along side every wildly passionate moment. Gorth knew he had to be careful watching the walls could make you lose track of time.


  1. ohhh I have several characters rolled up that would love that adventure... though maybe not Malic O'Szitt the Drow drag queen thief (he comes with Milo tumblebump the halfling thief wizard) my husband

  2. I always encourage everyone to write at least one book in their lifetime. Write it down, and take them on that adventure, I would love to read about it.