Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obsolete facts, and Obscure notions....

I decided right off the bat that I would create a title from the first words out of my inner voice. What an interesting combination of words. I quickly wondered what obsolete facts I would talk about, would I bring up the facts on gun control in the 80's and the role abortion most likely played in it, as presented in 'Freakanomics' (soon to be a movie). Or would I talk about interesting history channel info, like that Great Brittan killed over 2,000 french sailors during the outset of world war II (this was a very deliberate act). Or would I talk about General George Washington's seriously sub par military career before he took command of the continental army. (nothing but losses, and lucky to be alive). Or would I bring up the very diffrent findings that show that china, and vikings both had settlements in North America before Columbus or America Vaspuchi were even a possibility of existence. (Very compelling evidence). Or would I bring up the fact that the high school I graduated from discontinued the school newspaper for four years after I was editor and chief. (They waited for the freshman who read my work graduated). Or would I bring up the fact that used to be able to buy cell phones from Circuit City for three cents. (I was an associate). I can't seem to decided so I will move onto the next topic.

Obscure notions is another interesting topic to try and dwell on. After all given my work history I have met an extreme individuals from every spectrum ever. Each of these unique would share a tid bit of information on notions they had.
I once worked with a guy that thought airport security should all carry weapons of various types, including but not restricted to, hand gun, shot gun, assault rife, grenades, c4, and so on. The theory he would say is 'who would want to mess with a large group of trigger happy security people?'
I worked with a guy that thought that he 'could get rich, playing video games'. Ironically he does make money playing video games, just not very much.
Anyhow I am going to encourage you the fantastic reader to list any Obsolete facts or Obscure notions....


  1. I just learned that one of the most difficult words for people to figure out in hangman is "Jazz"

  2. That's pretty cool. I honestly didn't know that.

  3. I have a cousin who is rich off of video games AND he met his wife playing competitively. I met my husband playing MUDS in the mid 90's - before people even knew what the internet was. - Just saying *wink*

    I also think just about everything the GOP and tea baggers say are obscure notions. As Mine Knopf says "tell a lye long enough and people will believe it".