Saturday, August 14, 2010

Physical Therapy day two attack of the pain...

After my first visit and first session of physical therapy I decided to skip the whole, lets wear the doctors shorts. (It was getting a little creepy). So I wore my comfy basketball shorts, and my super cool 'Alliance' shirt, Jake got me from blizzcon last year. Yup, I am a proud world of warcraft (world of war crack) player. Proud in the sense that I am up to speed with the culture and most of the lingo, and yes I do have a level 80 character, but not so proud as to sacrifice years of my life (just months).
Anyways, my pain had held steady at a 4 on average but would sometimes hit 6 or 7. After my first session my knee was very swollen and hurt more than ever. I complained to the doctor about the aftermath of the first therapy, and he said 'That is to be expected, and today we will just have you do the easy fun stuff".
I was instantly wary of the comment, why hadn't he told me to expect that in the first place, and I doubted that there was going to be anything easy or fun. So again with the electricity, this time they cranked it up a little, and my spidy sense was not only tingling, it was blaring, "Holy cow, I think you might need to escape, doc oc is trying to get you." After the electricity it was onto the ultrasound, good news, not twins. This was less than thrilling as they were short handed and the secretary from the desk was rubbing the ultrasound wand on my knee. There were a couple of times I kinda scooted over on the already narrow beds that were made for average size people from the fifty's, as I could swear she was touching my leg with her other hand on occasion. (She is like 80 years old, ok probably only 65). Anyhow that wonderful treat behind me, I moved onto the same stretches as the day before. At this point I knew I had been jipped, there was nothing easy or fun, and before I knew it we were icing the knee.
While I lay there contemplating my knees existence, and the pain therein I took comfort that I had my trusty cellphone in hand, surfing the web. This was exciting until I found out that there were no sports updates posted by espn or si on any of my teams. As soon as I was done icing the doc asks me 'So how is the pain?"
I replied, "A three, I think."
He just nodded his head and I hobbled out the door with my two crutches, which I had now named, lefty, and hand solo. I figured that I must look something like a strider from the dark crystal, or ironically worse, an old man. This is worse because well I'm not that old dang it. First I discovered that I had acid reflux, then crones disease, gout, preachilles bursitis, and now a bum knee. Brilliant I am just waiting for the Alzheimers to kick in....
At any rate by the time I reached my car, which was not close by any stretch of the imagination, my pain had  already hit a 4 again, but this time was even more swollen than the day before. By the time I reached home, it was larger and even more painful. I had been duped, I fell for the classic athlete trick. What I mean by that is I recently found out that when a doctor rushes out on the the field, court, or whatever, they spray something right on the injured area, and then something else altogether in the mouth. The athlete is then asked how they feel, and more often than not, they say 'better, I think' and get right back in the game. What the athlete didn't know is that the doctor sprayed an antiseptic on the wound, and just cold water in the mouth. These are just psychological tools, that merely mask some pain enough for the person to try and carry on. I was the one who had fallen of it.
So I find myself lost in a long game of Modern Warfare 2, where I duped myself again, but this time on purpose. Running around a game, where I am a superior player, and controlling every aspect of the game, against real people, made my knee feel better for the time i was playing. Go figure... hey at least I finished with a 31 - 3 only using my trusty 50 caliber sniper rifle, and my shotgun.....

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