Saturday, August 21, 2010

Video Gaming Nation....

I think that video games tend to get a bad rap... Ok so I am kind of bias in that field of opinion. However recent studies by Harvard, Yale, MIT, and Columbia discovered some food for thought. In fact there are more middle age female game players than there are teenage boys. Also video games have offered a medical advancement. Doctors who play a marble game on the WII for 30 min before performing surgery were statistically less prone to make mistakes, and finish the surgery quicker. The results were so dramatic, nearly fifty hospitals around the country now practice this. Also probably not so surprising the US military has changed warfare to more of a multi tasking environment that modern generations are mentally able to handle the amount of information and make quick decisions. Video games are also now used in schooling than ever, as a mater of fact some in congress have proposed an education program that kids get their laptops at a very young age and simply carry it through graduation, for them to keep.
I'm not saying that video games don't have a dark side. Then again most everything has a dark side, I mean look at competition sports, or caffeine, or evil knitting. Ok So maybe not Everything has a dark side, but you get the point.
Most ironically I decided to write this post just moments after finishing a very satisfying game of Modern Warfare 2, during which I ended the multiplayer game with the last shot. A very violent moment where I ran around a corner and shot a bad guy with a shotgun at point blank range. I am skeptical that the middle age women who are gaming are not playing this game so much, as something a little more peaceful (farmville or the likes) But I say enjoy what you like to do, and don't spend too many hours on it.... (notice I did not specify how many hours are too many hours....)


  1. Oh trust me you can kill a man with a knitting needle.
    I also agree that women play different games, but I really loved killing things for points on the MUD and beating the **** out of opponents on Soul Caliber and Prince of Persia (kept me from taking it out on men) *wink*.

  2. I was very surprised at the number of women who play World of Warcraft. I think that most people underestimate the skills that both genders offer the wide world of games.