Monday, August 23, 2010

Complicated... and possably more complicated... and hopefully not really complicated

So here I am nearly burnt out on every video game I play. Still laid up from this injury, I would give most anything to not be in this situation. Out of curiosity my wife looked up on to see if there could be any other issues. Tragically it seems it is one of the three things I have possibly been diagnosed with. I hobble about with my two crutches (not very easy since the four kids like their toys). What gets complicated is the fact that everyone at work says, "Just come in." Yea, like the pain was nothing. The doctor has already given me multiple shots for pain and directly excused me from work.
So today my son started school. This could prove possibly complicated only because the number of possible things my son can be involved with. What I mean is besides the variety of classes he has available to him (which include foreign language classes ie. French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and more) there are a slew of clubs for him to participate in. His eyes lit up with excitement as we attended the online assembly and the outlined the details. There are far more things available to him than at the regular public school. It seems that the public schools approach is 'no real reason to encourage music or art, when there are ways to make more money'. It was written about in the fantastic book 'The World is Flat'. In there a great deal of time when into studies of American students vs foreign students. Sure we were behind in advanced math, and science. However despite disparagement Americans were still leading in top jobs and positions around the world. This was accredited to one simple detail, Americans were more creative thanks to electives such as music and art. These formed unique problem solving skills. But enough of that little side track....
The thing I am really hopefully does not get really complicated is that I am working on writing another book. However unlike my first book (very Tom Clancyish, this next book is very different, I mean elves, dwarfs, and such. I am hopeful that my relatively small fan base does not ditch me for the change. Of course I have secretly been harboring a few book ideas, some developed with friends that I would love to write. I will post a little piece of my newest book on my next post, then I will start to find out who likes it and who doesn't really care for it.

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