Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mixed can of nuts....

So several things happened today. My brother came out to help me watch the kids, esp since I am down with injury (tomorrow I find out more on the details). While he was out here, I was able to hang out (in my legal drug induced state). My wife was able to take my youngest son to the hospital to get looked over. I have decided that there needs to be a video instruction when you walk into a hospital, it should say something like this, "Whatever happens please do not panic, we are highly trained specialists who may not fully understand the art of tactful conversation, also if we do not jump up and down screaming or rushing you to some awkward emergency area of the hospital, you will probably be just fine." There of course should be much more covered, but that should be the beginning. I would go as far as to say that Patrick Stewart should do the voice for the video. My son is due back Friday in the hospital for follow ups and more tests. I would as always recommend avoiding the hospital whenever convenient, please note for gushing blood and other life threatening conditions, please see hospital.

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