Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Sum of all my parts...

Nothing like going to the doctors office and waiting an hour to see the doctor. Well I went to go see the orthopedic specialist and as it turns out I need surgery. Yup, I managed to tear my minisus in two spots, and the doc says it is possible that I may have to endure micro fracturing. (the drilling of small holes in a bone to create a more natural cartilage replacement. If this is the case then I will be down for up to six weeks. That is before I start physical therapy. The Doc wants to do the surgery as soon as possible, it all comes down to when the insurance will approve it. One nurse remarked that it could take up to a month before that happens. (oh joy)

On a much brighter note, now that I am on stronger meds I have kinda returned to work. Kinda is because even though I am physically there, I am not mentally all there. I also found out that my first doctor jipped me, he kept sending paperwork to my work that says 'Full Duty', ya let me climb ladders or move boxes in this condition. We will see what happens from here.

On a much much brighter note, I have been able to successfully begun gathering a group of highly trained specialists. I will have the privileged of working these highly skilled individuals on the big blog project. As soon as things are up and running I will announce to everyone what the sites name is and what it will be about. I am very excited because I have landed some of the best talent out there.

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