Sunday, September 5, 2010


I realized early on in life that the human imagination and general creativity are limitless. Actually I should say they are limited by the individual. When I was young I would speculate on the places I would go and the things I could become. As I got older those became limited, I would tell myself that I wasn't shorting myself, but making my imagination more realistic. I had fallen victim to the all powerful reality. In this moment I had forgotten what imagination and creativity were for. Sure they seemed like goal and aspirations, but those are different things altogether. I have been given a second chance to revitalize my imagination and creativity. I happen to be very fortunate, first I have a very creative wife who can imagine things into reality, just check her etsy shop. ( Second, I have children who tell me ideas and points of view, often expressing their young developing imagination. Third, I have friends who never cease to amaze me, wither its the amazing travels they go on, the interesting people they meet, or adventures their everyday lives have to offer.
I am going to be honest, I always thought of myself as a creative person, but now I have been given a glimpse. This new perspective is promising, esp since I am slated to start new stories, and books.

On a different topic altogether, I had a dream that really began to show my age. The dream was that I was in China, and was one of several chaperons escorting this large group of sixteen and seventeen years olds, and they were in China to compete in a video game competition. I was there only to watch. Ya that pretty much was a killer, since I am a very video game person.

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